Who am I?

My name is Sólveig Lára and I’m a coach; wholeheartedly curios about abundance—attentively exploring the variety of people’s potential and opportunities in everyday life.

I’m committed to the process of movement; from the departure of feeling stuck, to mobility. Working with techniques that help examine ourselves—in an effort to reimagine the problems and conflicts that have become stuck or gone astray in our mind. Movement is in and of itself no solution, but it brings the prospect of change; change that alleviates us from feeling stuck. Inspired by Socratic questioning, I intend to help my conversation partners to zoom out, and making clear-headed decisions—shifting to an attitude focused on choice rather than chance.

What is the conversation between my needs and wants? How might my narrative encourage /hinder me? How does the feeling of stuckness arise? It may be very apparent, but it is often impossible to see it ourselves. In my practice, I seek to help my client discover and eradicate the stuckness; exploring the potentials that might be hidden in plain sight.

I’m especially attentive when it comes to evaluating priorities; and balance in the everyday life; shrinking the gap between how we live and how we would like to live—doing more of what we want and less of what we should, shifting from productivity to presence.
All this and more is part of what I am enthusiastic about; the birth giving of one's own intentions, directions, wishes and possibilities.




Most of my practice is centered around the conversation, the dialogue between two individuals. As part of this practice I have weekly and biweekly conversations with people from around the world—and I am always open to explore additional dilemmas and opportunities with new conversation partners. If you are interested in exploring yourself from new and non-judgmental perspectives, please fill out the form below.

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